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egsThe European Graduate School [under erasure]

Since the word is inaccurate, it is crossed out. Since the word is necessary, it remains legible.

it is what it means_ This Concept

Right now it's only a notion, but I think I can get money to make it into a concept, and later turn it into an idea.

abcAnd All the Hills Echo-ed:  Augmenting the Lexica of Children's Primers

When I was down beside the sea / A wooden spade they gave to me / To dig the sandy shore. / My holes were empty like a cup. / In every hole the sea came up, / Till it could come no more.

wombDropping Science Like Galileo Dropped the Orange:  Arcana, Alchemy, & Cognitive Marrow

I used to use pseudonyms. The most common ones were Zoe Ziegler, Joe Purple, and Mr. Abicus.

proce55ingAutomatic for the People:  Some Softs' Mothers Are Bigger Than Other Softs' Mothers

Howard Finster used his hands to make some tools. Then he used the tools to make two things -- a house and a box. Then he sealed the tools inside the box and buried the box under the house. Then he went inside to wash his hands before supper.

territorialThe Little Children of Stonehenge:  Variability Aught the Machine

Because the same machine is used as both showroom and factory, the customized version created in response to the user's input is delivered almost immediately.

radioactionDolor:  We Won't Do It Without the Rose

He is holding a beer. There's a working disco ball hanging on their ceiling fan. There's a guy in the background standing in front of a big screen TV (holding a microphone). The words to George Michael's "Careless Whisper" slowly scroll to the music.

suckTIONR.T.F.M.:  Instructions & Diagrams

wash your hands in dreams and lightning / cut off your hair and whatever is frightening

grlA Round in Part:  Tracing the Contours of Fugal Narrative

A pathological amnesiac condition during which one is apparently conscious of one's actions but has no recollection of them after returning to a normal state.

garbage inAutoDidactic:  What is the Matter, my Lord?

Using critical loops, non-linear narratives, and allegorical images as patterns, The Dane explores meditative environments which suggest the expansion of art...

coltraneI Am the Dj; I Am What I Splay:  Unfinished Musics and You

In the future, you won't buy artists' works; you'll buy software that makes original pieces of "their" works, or that recreates their way of looking at things. You could buy a Shostakovich box, or you could buy a Brahms box.

off the  lawn-sculpting the noosphere

people who make art for themselves or their immediate community, often without recognizing themselves as artists until some collector or expert comes along to inform that what they are doing is making art

it means what it isdys.koncept.ual_kontest 2004

Paradoxically, the expansion of technology needs a renaissance spirit. "Artist" is surrounded by a number of difficulties; to survive he can make a decision to stay on the periphery, in dangerous places without rules, low, wild in every moment, corrupted, humble and poor.