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The European Graduate School [under erasure]

The European Graduate School [under erasure] places a representative sample of contemporary [continental] philosophy under erasure. By simply applying this small piece of code to the following texts, philosophy itself is called into question (yet again)! Just click on a philosopher (or artist) and let the erasure begin. It's deconstruct-o-matic!

Martin Heidegger drew an "X" over certain problematic words (like "being"), thus placing these words "under erasure." The X indicated the inability of the words to summarily define the meanings they allegedly signified. The words were left visible beneath the X in order to leave a trace from which the impossibility of defining could be enacted.

Later, Jacques Derrida put words like "text" and "difference" under erasure, further performing the impossibility of adequate communication. Then later, Jean-Luc Marion put "God" under erasure, to avoid over-determining him.