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sadSad But True

I'm your pain while you repay.

lostDay-Long Duet (The Day The World Went Away)


lostLost In Stereo (Pop Mantra #5)

she's out of control / so beautiful

trianglenovaScotia transCryption Engines

Onsite and online versions of 4 video installations.

rainStatic Trapped in Mouths

He called them his friends.

rainPop Mantra #4 (Rain Down On Me)

From a great height. From a great height.

egsAgain (I Wish I Was A Fool For You)

I wish I was a fool for you again.

egs'Twixt The Cup And The Lip #3 (Letting the language speak itself?)

one day you will code you will way of Juniper router yeah Harley alarm


subjectively drifting through time in order to reclaim it

egsTOM (an instrumental rock opera remix in four parts)

See Me / Feel Me / Touch Me / Hear Me

doubleblindDouble Blind (Love)

While singing they evolved and mutated the original song excerpt, collaborating and communicating in a space/time of alterity.

googleGoogle's Greatest Hits

An ongoing performance by The Google Image Search Engine in collaboration with Various Humans & their Words.

tonightA Performance Diptych

tonight / wait, now

genesisDuring the Beginning

and god said let there be light and there was light

breathingThe Emily Dickinson Difference Engine

The impenetrability of things, the malleability of words, and the feelings that humans associate with things and words.

breathingBreathing in B Flat

Sound and light come from my face because my face is something in the world that I can control semi-directly.


An Exercise in Meta-Crypto-Ontology.

nodThe Unbearable Being of Lightness

A faux Cartesian space where all that was solid in the pre-Kantian world-view melts into air.