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current exhibits > Lost In Stereo (Pop Mantra #5)

Curt Cloninger performs a four-hour, time-shifted duet with his mediated self. Looped video/audio of him singing and playing guitar is projected on top of his live body singing and playing guitar. Both blindfolded. Call and response.

They loop the chorus of the pop song "Lost In Stereo" by the band All Time Low.

Performed at Glasshouse Art-Life-Lab in Brooklyn as part of Forms of Repetition, November 6, 2015, 7-11pm.

she's dancing alone / i'm ready to go / but she's so
(lost in stereo / lost in stereo)
she's out of control / so beautiful
(lost in stereo / lost in stereo)
and i've been waiting for so long / but she'll never know
i'm losing hope / cause she's so
(lost in stereo)



Click on an image below to watch the video documentation:

7:05 pm

9:50 pm

10:53 pm

[Video documentation by Caroline Cloninger.]