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Day-Long Duet
(The Day The World Went Away)

April 24-25, 2016
Henco Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina, US

A continual, perpetual, non-stop, 24-hour performance of the final portion of the Nine Inch Nails song "The Day The World Went Away." (The lyrics are "Na na na / Na na na / Na na na na / Na na na.")

Curt Cloninger and a rotating roster of artists took turns performing as part of an ongoing, staggered, tag-team collaboration. The music did not stop.

The performance was part of Interlude, a festival co-hosted by the Asheville Media Arts Project and Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center.

[Documentation by Amanda Wiles and Robin Cloninger.]

Participants (in order of appearance):

  • Curt Cloninger
  • Peter Kusek / Curt Cloninger
  • Peter Kusek / Glenn Young
  • Glenn Young / Trey Morrison
  • Trey Morrison / Shira Service
  • Shira Service / Curt Cloninger
  • Curt Cloninger
  • William Bares / Curt Cloninger
  • unknown guitarist / Curt Cloninger
  • Abigail Griffin / Egg Syntax
  • Lydia See / Curt Cloninger
  • Sean Singer / Lydia See
  • Sean Singer / Curt Cloninger
  • Caroline Cloninger / Sean Singer
  • Utah Green / Caroline Cloninger
  • Amanda Wiles / Utah Green
  • Ursula Gullow / Amanda Wiles / Curt Cloninger
  • Pete McKelvey / Joey Barrett
  • Joey Barrett / Lydia See / Curt Cloninger
  • Robin Cloninger / Caroline Cloninger / Curt Cloninger

(A few other people sat in at various times, but I didn't know their names.)