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current exhibits > 'Twixt The Cup And The Lip #3
(Letting the language speak itself?)

An in-studio performance series
May 2011

A phrase is chosen and massaged through various digital/analog/software/human contortions. In this case, the seed phrase is "Letting the language speak itself?" -- taken from the last half of the last sentence of Mark Amerika's Sentences on Remixology 1.0. This seed phrase is performed four different times.

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The semantic traces of these four performances have been collected in a book, along with screen shots from the performances, and citations from historical texts relevant to the concept of this performance series. Finally, Mark Amerika's Sentences on Remixology 1.0 is cited in its entirety.

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This performance is part of a series of performances in different locations, each beginning with a different seed phrase.

This particular performance is part of an even larger project located at


the performance
Video Documentation of The Performances

the physical book
the b00k (itself)