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Dropping Science Like Galileo Dropped the Orange:  Arcana, Alchemy, & Cognitive Marrow

Laney had a peculiar knack with data-collection architectures, and a medically documented concentration-deficit that he could toggle, under certain conditions, into a state of pathological hyperfocus. This made him an extremely good researcher. He was an intuitive fisher of patterns of information: of the sort of signature a particular individual inadvertently created in the net as he went about the mundane yet endlessly multiplex business of life in a digital society. His concetration-deficit, too slight to register on some scales, made him a natural channel-zapper, shifting from program to program, from database to database, from platform to platform, in a way that was, well, intuitive.

Laney was the equivalent of a dowser, a cybernetic water-witch. He couldn't explain how he did what he did. He just didn't know.

At DatAmerica he'd spent his time skimming vast floes of undifferentiated data, looking for "nodal points" he'd been trained to recogize by a team of French scientists who were all keen tennis players, and none of whom had had any interest in explaining these nodal points to Laney, who came to feel that he served as a kind of native guide.

the spleen

Many persons have been benefited by remembering all the letters of the alphabet in turn perfectly black. Others prefer to shift from one small black object, such as a period or a small letter. It is impossible to remember black perfectly when it is not seen perfectly. If one sees imperfectly, the best one can do is to remember it imperfectly.


I Dan Rather be a cyborg in the work force of a new generation in charge of sensory deprivation through operation occupation of the out of space station.

world of awe

It seems as if I stepped into an old mine field, because all of a sudden I've found myself sailing through the air in many different directions.

Admittedly, I have found most of the pieces, though I have been spending most of my time trying to collect the blood cells. The red and blue ones are easy, but the white and yellow tend to blend with the tone of the earth and I can't tell if I'm stuffing myself up with blood or silica. I bet the end result would be rather interesting, as silica's supposed to be a natural source of energy, as a matter of fact, did you know that???


Eons ago, all human beings had the ability to enter 'mnemonos,' a 'natural cyberspace' where the things of the mind appear as real as anything your five senses perceive. This realm is filled with a substance called 'marrow,' which transmits information just as air transmits sound.

Every electronic device, every computing machine, is an expression of yearning to return to that place. We need abstraction like we need food and shelter.

bird bones
12,800,000 Views of the South Island and Taranaki

Array ("Land", "Sea", "Painting", "Picture", "Death", "House", "Home", "Homeland", "Beast", "Friend", "Hades", "Pharoah", "Zoo", "Field", "Mountains", "Flight", "Escape", "Tree", "Seat", "Court", "Book", "Devil", "Atua", "Worker", "Child", "News", "Week", "Mouth", "Fort", "Mouse", "Kauri", "Province", "Millenium", "Century", "Disease", "Shepard", "Lord");