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Automatic for the People:  Some Softs' Mothers Are Bigger Than Other Softs' Mothers

Glorious Opportunity To Get Rich!!! -- We are starting a cat ranch in Lacon with 100,000 cats. Each cat will average 12 kittens a year. The cat skins will sell for 30 cents each. One hundred men can skin 5,000 cats a day. We figure a daily net profit of over $10,000. Now what shall we feed the cats? We will start a rat farm next door with 1,000,000 rats. The rats breed 12 times faster than the cats. So we will have four rats to feed each day to each cat. Now what shall we feed the rats? We will feed the rats the carcasses of the cats after they have been skinned. Now Get This! We feed the rats to the cats and the cats to the rats and get the cat skins for nothing!


An experimental, semi-autonomous, generative software artwork and a fully functional vector graphic design application to sit alongside your existing professional graphic design utilities.

color bars

A context for exploring the emerging conceptual space enabled by electronic media. An environment for learning the fundamentals of computer programming within the context of the electronic arts. An electronic sketchbook for developing ideas.

Design Softs:
n-Gen | BDD

They took the credit for your second symphony
Rewritten by machine and new technology
And now I understand the problems you can see

Scratch Softs:
dervish / arc

Each pixelarea is then filled with a pattern whose maximum density is determined by the density slider. The specific density of the pattern applied is determined by the average brightness of the pixelarea in relation to the maximum density.

Synesthetic Softs:
cthuga / g-force

Kandinsky had perhaps the deepest sympathy for sensory fusion, both synesthetic and as an artistic idea. He explored harmonious relationship between sound and color and used musical terms to describe his paintings, calling them "compositions" and "improvisations." His own 1912 opera, Der Gelbe Klang ("The Yellow Sound"), specified a compound mixture of color, light, dance, and sound typical of the Gesamtkunstwerk.