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  1. skills so good that things can be done with "stupid ease":
    "brother please you know my steez is a hundred degreez."
  2. style:
    "that kid has got some illin steez."
  3. your own individual expression or how you carry your self, playa:
    "drop some steez on that playboy."
  4. steez is yo style. if u dont got ur style on u dont got ur steez on:
    "u got tha steez 2 nite."
  5. Stylings. Broadly applied and context sensetive. May be used as a synonym for "sh*t" or "junk." Refers broadly to one's way of life or overriding modus operandi:
    "trippin' b*tch was f*ckin up my steez."
  6. can be a trait, an expression, a style of glasses (mostly aviator but some exceptions if they are really cool), can also be used as an acknowledgement:
    "He's got the steez", "That is total steez man", "Steez!", "woa those glasses are steez!", "ok, steez then."
  7. The way one does things/the way one presents himself with skill:
    "You know I don't get down like that....You know my Steez."

cold bacon

To receive your coupon, just come down to Dick's anytime between now and Saturday, and tell any sales associate that you received this phone call.


And I always said to myself, "I wonder what my purpose on this earth was, why did God put me on this earth?" But now I know that he put me on this earth for a reason. And I, Charles Jeter, sitting here in my room, looking at a lightbulb in the ceiling, I say "Thank you." This is Charles; goodbye.


I'd like to be a friend, but I eat my own way. Understand?

learning to love you more

Dear Neighbors: Once again I, Fran Van Stone have been falsely accused of committing behaviour of which is illegal and has no concrete basis!


However, unlike the New York art scene which embraced Marcel Duchamp's urinal and bottle-rack - his "readymades" - Zappa's Dada was not conceptual or anti-art or paradoxical. It wasn't "art" at all, it was pop music - populist and accessible, critical and political.


A game of consequences that is guaranteed to instill a state of perpetual hermeneutic crisis as a prologue to regressive yet seductive states of wonder and desire.


The dancer then, both asks and answers the question: Who is your Daddy?..... I am your Daddy.