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dys.koncept.ual_kontest PRIZES

A year later, and the prizes are completed -- each hand-crafted by Julie Cloninger based on the winning entry. Click on prize below each winner to view them.

dys.koncept.ual_kontest 2004

Deep/Young Anodyne Laboratories is pleased to feature the six winners of its first semi-biennial dys.koncept.ual_kontest (with a list of honourable mentions appended thereto).

We sought pretty internet artwork specifically NOT dealing with the following topics:

  • globalisation
  • marketing
  • gaming
  • interaction
  • immersion
  • virtuality
  • non-linearity
  • code poetry
  • ascii imagery
  • database visualisation
  • 8-bit architecture
  • surveilance
  • intellectual property
  • copyright law
  • the network
  • mobile computing
  • any kind of computing
  • contextual awareness
  • art history
  • art galleries
  • spam
  • google
  • ebay
  • identity
  • anonymity
  • telepresence
  • auto-generation
  • immateriality
  • the future
  • politics
  • genetics
  • 9/11
  • new york city
  • eastern europe
  • the fact that one's artwork does not deal with the above topics

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A shell suit manifesto for a new world of techno pop.
prize >


Your work makes me itchy in a Victorian way, as if I have acquired some antique strain of hives that have since been rendered innocuous by any number of readily-available, over-the-counter balms, salves, and/or ointments.
prize >

unrealised dreams
unrealised dreams

Mutating cells in the body, the virus attacks the genetic makeup of the local residents. The primary result is a nocturnal shrinkage of the bones, which in the cold light of the Haghill morning reveals adults to have been shrunk to the height of 8 year old children.
prize >


As you can see, either a build-up in the blood of carbon dioxide or a decrease in the blood of oxygen will cause the pH of the blood to fall (Hey! Hey! I have not come here to talk).
prize >


Out of Thin Air, 2006, Vacuum Pump, Tubing, Human Skin, Entry Points
prize >


Click the four corners of the piece and follow the red frog.
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