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The archive is the site where the past and future become reversible. (Boris Groys, 2002)

In the Heart of Shining Rock Wilderness, at the very Base of the Shining Rock itself, lies the entrance to Deep/Young Anodyne Laboratories.

In response to the increasing demand of those who, for whatever reason, lack the wherewithal or proclivity to journey to the Root of All Things Shining, the Deep/Young Ethereal Archive has been established to facilitate a more lively remote dialogue with the Sundry Contagions of Wonder.

As You Wish,
Archive Registrar


Sad But True: An 8.5-hour, time-shifted duet.

Day-Long Duet (The Day The World Went Away): A continual, perpetual, non-stop, 24-hour performance.

Lost In Stereo (Pop Mantra #5): A four-hour, time-shifted duet.

novaScotia transCryption Engines: artwork created during a residency in southwest Nova Scotia.

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