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When making a web page with Dreamweaver, The page's default <title> is "Untitled Document." So any newbie who makes a page without realizing this will have a page which gets indexed by Google as "Untitled Document." You can see where this is leading...

First you have to purchase a URL specifically for this project, because heaven forbid you have a conceptual net art project without its own dedicated conceptual URL. All variations of UntitledDocument.com/net/org are taken, but http://untitledocument.org [sic] is still available. The merged and misspelled words only add cachet to the net.pop dorkiness, I mean hipness. Purchase this URL quickly while it is still available.

Then you just make a frameset page called index.html and title it "Untitled Document" (note the title of this meta-instructional page that you are currently reading.) Have that frameset page call another page that returns the results of a google search for "Untitled Document."

Note that currently (November 21, 2009) the second highest ranking for a page titled "Untitled Document" is http://jeffkoons.com. Did Koons just get sloppy and hire some newbie intern to make his splash page, or is there some conceptual purpose to this gaffe? No matter. Koons doesn't really make anything, and neither does this project, so they are a perfect conceptual match. You meant to do that. Make sure you say so in your artist statement.

I hope you have as much fun implementing this project as I had conceiving it. Work hard, and perhaps your project will be included in an online group show curated by one of your friends.

i'm not here / this isn't happening,